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PMS Multiple Subscriptions Per User 1.1.3

Cozmoslabs is focused on delivering premium WordPress plugins you can rely on. This website started about 7 years ago as a personal experiment, initially focusing on web design and development, than gradually turning its radar towards this awesome CMS called WordPress.

Lets you setup Multiple Subscription Level Blocks and also will allow members to sign up for more than one Subscription Plan (one per block).


  • Setup Multiple Subscription Level Groups of Hierarchical Subscription Plans (ex. Math, Physics)
  • Will allow members to sign up individually for more than one Subscription Plan, one by one, singly, separately, one per each Subscription Level Group (ex. Math Basic, Physics Plus)
  • A single registered account holder can exist in more than one Subscription Level Group at the same time
Multiple Subscriptions Per User


Version: 1.1.3

License: GPL

Updated: March 7, 2020

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