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WpDiscuz – Emoticons 7.0.11

At, we are expert in WordPress extension development and customization services. We have extensive experience of developing custom plugins as per client requirements.

Smiles and emoticons are one of the most used features in all kind of communities, chats, forums, and blogs. It’s an essential solution if you want to display your emotion in a text. Unfortunately, WordPress emoticons are not so impressive and we were getting lots of requests to create a new set/package of emoticons for wpDiscuz comment plugin. And now it’s here! wpDiscuz Emoticons Addon brings an ocean of emotions to your website comments. It comes with an awesome and unique smile package. And we’ll add more nice packages in future releases.


  • Comes with an awesome unique smiles package.
  • Converts all smile codes to according smile image in comment content.
  • Adds smile icon-button in comment textarea bottom toolbar. It opens smile chooser and inserts smile code in comment text.
  • Allows to add custom emoticons with custom code and image.
  • Allows to create custom emoticons package and switch between those packages.
  • You can enable / disable each emoticon separately.
  • It may also work with post content. There is an option to enable smile converter for post content.
WpDiscuz – Emoticons



Version: 7.0.11

License: GPL

Updated: December 12, 2020

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