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weDevs Dokan Pro Business 3.2.0

weDevs is a WordPress based product company passionate about open source development. Our most popular plugins include Dokan Multivendor E-commerce solution, WP User Frontend, WP Project Manager and WP ERP.

Dokan solves all sorts of e-commerce related issues that owners tend to face. Dokan has been developed keeping in mind these commonly faced problems so that the end-user gets the best experience. Vendors get full functionality from the frontend dashboard – coupons, discounts, reviews, withdraws, earning reports, support, everything on frontend! Our intuitive frontend UI is extremely easy. Anyone with even no eCommerce experience can easily sign up and start selling right away.

WeDevs Dokan Pro Business



Version: 3.2.0

License: GPL

Updated: May 4, 2021


– [fix] Attach vendor id while exporting product variations (Import Export)
– [fix] Elementor get template filte (Elementor)
– [fix] Add template overwriting support in product addon module (Product Addon)
– [fix] Wrong order total in stripe payment for Yen
– [fix] Geolocation module has api key checking function (Geolocation)
– [fix] Wildcard shipping for multiple vendor
– [fix] Report abouse menu permisssion issues
– [fix] Add distinct clause to store category query to remove duplicate items
– [fix] Make product status pending while duplicating product as a inactive vendor
– [fix] Enabling proxy bidding by default option is not taking effect on the frontend (Auction)
– [fix] If product_id is matched with another vendor’s product_id while importing product via csv, create a new product instead of overriding another vendors’s product (Import Export)
– [fix] Product addon templeting issues (Product Addon)
– [fix] Add inclusive tax support for RMA (RMA)
– [fix] Set default commission type when commission type is not selected in backend vendor profile
– [Improvement] Store listing filter styles so that it works almost any theme
– [Improvement] Subscription installment count issue for paypal (Subscription)

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