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Venus Divi UI Kit

Divi Den and it’s website Webdesign101 berlin is a project started by Yeah Can Design Studio. For six years, up to 2017, Yeah Can have specialized in offering web design and development as an outsource or white label web design partner. A consistent request by outsourcing partners was for low-cost solutions for their web design customers with tiny budgets. This was not something Yeah Can could provide with a studio offering design, tech support, and a specialist coding team.

The Venus Divi UI Kit is a 30 unit selection of most commonly used Divi Modules.

The Venus Divi UI Kit

We love this product and just know that Divi Theme users will too. This Divi UI Kit will fit nicely into your Divi Module toolkit. With a library of 30 UI elements to select from you will be able to build your websites quickly and truly cost-effective. Use our designed and premade sections where ever you need them. They are not theme-specific so will be useful in any new site you are building.

The Divi UI Kit contains these great Modules:

  • Divi Blurb Modules: the Venus Divi UI Kit has 3 fabulous Blurb Modules. Clever animations will draw user attention and encourage click-throughs. Each one is totally different
  • Divi FAQ Modules: there are 3 different layouts with an accordion-style, search and list options useful for any website
  • Divi Pricing Tables: The Venus Divi UI Kit has 3 pricing table modules. Mouse over to see the clever attention-grabbing animations that each module has
  • Divi Call to Action Modules: Check these great on mouse-over animations. Info tiles that slide and change places will make users want to check further
  • Divi Person Modules: View the way these modules fit in with other modules of the Venus Divi UI Kit. This makes it easy to follow a design throughout a site. But of course, also works perfectly as stand-alone units
  • Divi Blog Modules: You will want to get the Venus Divi UI Kit just for the divi blog modules. Three distinctly different layouts give you a great choice for at least three websites. See how nice the animations are
  • Divi Contact Form Modules: 3 totally new layouts for a contact form. Anyone will make a great contact us page
  • Divi Features Modules: 3 great options for a product or service features page or module within a home page layout. Drop-in your own content, change colors and fonts to make them your own
  • Divi Header Modules: Need a header that also functions as a call to action message? These 3 divi header modules will be perfect to get users interested in your product or service
  • Divi Subscribe Modules: 3 modules with a range of different layouts and animation. Mouse over to see for yourself.

Download Venus Divi UI Kit



Version: 1.3.3

License: GPL

Updated: October 8, 2019


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