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Scroll Progress Bar for PWA 1.3

Building a PWA Solution for WP Use the Power of PWA technology to your advantage and give better User Experience.

Scroll Progress bar indicator that displays in a progress bar located at the top of the document that updates when the user scrolls down!


  • Android APP generator from PWA – This addon will allow your user to,  generate the APK of your current PWA website. In just one click you can get the APK.
  • APK Versions – Always generate apk files with different versions, it helps users get an update.
  • Entry into Google Play store – Our technology gives you the signed APK which can be uploaded into Google play store and helps you to get on the APP store marketplace in a few minutes
Scroll Progress Bar for PWA



Version: 1.3

License: GPL

Updated: October 27, 2020

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