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MainWP Article Uploader Extension

MainWP is a set of self-hosted open source plugins for maintaining all your WordPress sites from one location. Perfect for WP admins with multiple sites. MainWP is a suite of open source self-hosted WordPress Management plugins for users that have multiple WordPress sites and want to be able to control them from one central location. This includes sites on different hosts or servers.

MainWP: Article Uploader

Bulk Upload Posts and Pages Quickly and Easily!

The MainWP Article Uploader Extension allows you to bulk upload multiple articles to your child sites in just a few seconds. You are given the option to upload separate txt files or to import them using a custom formatted CSV file.

Article Uploader integrates perfectly with the Post Dripper Extension to drip those posts out over time and the Spinner Extension to spin the content of the articles.

Uploading Articles

The Upload Articles section allows you to upload multiple text files containing only a title and content for the article. After uploading the articles, the Extension then gives you the options to publish articles immediately to a post or a page, set the category and allow/disallow comments.

Inserting Articles

Second, a more powerful method allows you to insert multiple articles in one or more txt or csv files. That is not all, by using this method you are able to set not only article title and body, but article slug, categories, tags, excerpt, author…

After uploading articles, the extension also allows you to edit the uploaded content before publishing. This way you will be able to set any other post settings such as Yoast SEO, Spinner, Links Manager.

Save Time

Uploading multiple articles at once will save you a lot of time and enable you to focus on other important things.

Use HTML Tags in Articles

The Extension allows you to use HTML tags in the article body, you will be able to insert images in posts, set links or format your content as you want.

Use Spintax

MainWP Article Uploader integrates seamlessly with the MainWP Spinner Extension. If you have both extensions you will be able to use spintax in your articles.

Drip Out Articles

MainWP Article Uploader integrates seamlessly with the MainWP Post Dripper Extension. If you have both extensions you will be able to drip out content with just a few clicks.

Custom Settings

Custom CSV format allows you to preset all standard WordPress Post settings.

MainWP Article Uploader Extension





License: GPL

Updated: February 20, 2021


Major update

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