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Gravity Flow WordPress Plugin 2.7.6

Gravity Flow allows you to build business workflow applications on WordPress that automate form-based processes such as approval and feedback & review loops. There’s built-in support for conditional branching, step scheduling & expiration, reporting and audit trails.

Gravity Flow WordPress Plugin

Automate your business processes.

Automate your business processes. Turn your email and spreadsheet chaos into secure, scalable and efficient workflow systems. Built for WordPress & Gravity Forms. An advanced workflow platform for WordPress Contract review, feedback, modification and approval – Medical supplies order process – Customer onboarding and course content dripping – University admissions application processing – Scientific research lab experiment proposal feedback loop and approval – Patient intake – Employee vacation requests.

Rapid Implementation – Simple and easy to use
Configure as many Workflow Steps as you need. Drag and drop them into the right order, activate/deactivate them and add new ones as your process adapts. No programming, technical knowledge or complex training required. You shouldn’t be paying for an entire team of developers just to get up and running.

Robust, Powerful & Flexible – Over 40 different step types
Steps include approval, user input/edit, notification, webhooks and integration triggers for third-party services.

Reporting – Keep track of performance
Detailed reports display how long each task is taking and highlights bottlenecks.


Gravity Flow WordPress Plugin



Version: 2.7.6

License: GPL

Updated: January 3, 2022


– Fixed incorrect feedback when user input step confirmation message content is left empty and the step is completed.
– Fixed an issue when attempting to modify step settings for a step type that is not active (plugin deactivated, incorrect permissions).
– Fixed an issue where PHP fatal error is thrown in the filter_gravityview_common_get_entry_check_entry_display() method.
– Fixed an issue where PHP fatal error is thrown when processing expired entries with steps that no longer exist.
– Fixed an issue where a multi-select on User Input step settings pages would shrink to a very small width on smaller window resolutions.
– Fixed a PHP notice which can occur when conditional logic is evaluated and the rule is not based on a form field.
– Fixed an issue where workflow merge tags would not be available in the merge tag dropdown for notification content fields in certain steps.
– Fixed an issue where revert notifications would not include the latest workflow note.
– Fixed an issue where PHP fatal error is thrown from workflow detail link integration with Gravity View 2.5. Credit: the GravityView Team.
– Updated the Members integration to include the missing Status page Admin Actions capability.
– Updated the hook used in the WP E-Signature Step to allow all signatures to be collected before continuing workflow.
– Updated the translations for Catalan and Arabic.

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