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Gravity Flow Flowchart Extension 1.3

Gravity Flow allows you to build business workflow applications on WordPress that automate form-based processes such as approval and feedback & review loops.

The Flowchart Extension enables Gravity Flow administrators to switch between the standard step list view and a Flowchart view of the steps.

The Flowchart view makes complex workflows easy to follow, design, optimize and communicate to others.


  • Auto-layout
  • Easy to move steps around on the canvas
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Print
  • Panning – Grab and move the canvas
  • Switch between step list and Flowchart views
  • Add. modify, delete and re-order steps and see them reflected automatically in the flowchart.


  • Visualize complex workflows without additional third-party tools.
  • Communicate the workflow more effectively to the team.
  • Optimize workflows more efficiently and effectively


Gravity Flow Flowchart Extension



Version: 1.3

License: GPL

Updated: January 4, 2021


Fixed an issue when printing where the step icons are not displayed

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