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EDD Stripe Addon 2.8.10

Easy Digital Downloads is a WordPress community project headed by Pippin Williamson of Pippin’s Plugins. Selling digital downloads is something that not a single one of the large WordPress ecommerce plugins has ever gotten really right. This plugin aims to fix that. Instead of focusing on providing every single feature under the sun, Easy Digital Downloads tries to provide only the ones that you really need. It aims to make selling digital downloads through WordPress easy, and complete.

Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Addon

Stripe Payment Gateway

Accept payments through the Stripe.com payment gateway.

Stripe is the premier option for online credit card processing; it’s also the most popular premium payment gateway for Easy Digital Downloads – and it’s our preferred option!

The Stripe Payment Gateway extension for Easy Digital Downloads allows store owners to accept credit card payments on their sites. What’s more – this extension is, hands down, the most feature-rich payment gateway integration available for Easy Digital Downloads. If you’re selling digital products on your website, there’s no better choice than Stripe!

Earn more revenue

Our extensive research has shown that Easy Digital Downloads stores using Stripe earn 47% more revenue on average than those using PayPal. Take advantage of powerful features such as subscriptions, on-site checkout, and saved cards to increase your conversions and make more money.

On-site checkout

For any eCommerce site, the checkout page is the most important page on the entire site. Providing a simple, reliable, and fast way for buyers to give you money is critical. With Stripe, customers are never redirected elsewhere to complete their payment. All purchases are completed securely on your site.

screenshot of the billing fields on a checkout form with Stripe
Standard billing details fields on checkout form


Our experience, and the experience of many other online sellers, has been that acquiring new customers almost always costs significantly more than retaining past customers. Use Stripe along with our Recurring Payments extension to offer subscriptions, which can dramatically increase customer retention!

Configure your products so that customers are charged on a recurring schedule until they cancel – you can even offer a free trial before the subscription begins!

This is extremely powerful for anyone selling licenses for software, services, courses, all access passes, and more. Streamlined and fully integrated, with the Stripe Payment Gateway extension, there’s no need for customers to manually return and purchase again.

Saved credit cards

Make purchases on your site hassle-free by allowing customers to select previously used cards. Customers can securely save their credit cards through our Stripe integration, creating a seamless purchase experience when they return to your store.

Additionally, all customers can add, remove, and modify their saved cards by logging into their account on your site. This makes the purchase process faster and easier, saving customers time and making you more money. And to ensure that customer data remains protected at all times, Stripe securely stores and presents the information, so that no sensitive data is ever stored on your site.

Streamlined checkout

The standard checkout experience with Easy Digital Downloads and Stripe is efficient and streamlined. However, in some cases it can be beneficial to simplify the buying process even further.

Enter Stripe Checkout. With this handy feature enabled, customers can complete a purchase without even having to go to a checkout page. They simply click on your Buy Now button and a small popup will appear, requesting their payment information. After submitting, successful purchasers will be redirected to the receipt page, delighted with the efficiency of your buying process.

screenshot of simplified checkout form
Purchasing a download using Stripe Checkout

Pre-approve payments

If you need to collect and verify payment information from customers but wish to actually process the charge at a later time, this extension is the solution. Customers can complete a normal checkout process when purchasing your products, then you will be able to manually approve or decline the payments from your dashboard.

screenshot of payment pre-approval settings
Setting for requiring charges to be manually approved before being processed

Integrated refunds

Refunds are never fun, but at least with Stripe they are easy. Instead of wasting time logging into your Stripe account to return funds to your customers, you can do it all with one click from your site’s dashboard. Edit any payment record, change the status to refunded, and Easy Digital Downloads will do the rest!

screen recording of a payment being refunded
Refunding a payment using the Stripe extension for Easy Digital Downloads

Test mode

If your store isn’t working properly, you are losing money. For this reason, testing every aspect of your site, especially any eCommerce functionality, is critical. Fortunately testing with Stripe is as simple as it gets. Just activate test mode and you’re all set to begin simulating customer actions and troubleshooting issues without it affecting your reports.

screenshot of setting for turning on test mode
Setting for enabling test mode

Easy setup

We know how busy you are. You have better things to do with your time than spend it installing, configuring, and testing your eCommerce software. Fortunately, connecting your store to Stripe with this Easy Digital Downloads extension is straightforward and painless. Once the plugin is installed and activated, connecting to Stripe is as simple as clicking the “Connect with Stripe” button in the settings. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start accepting credit card payments!

screen recording of connecting a site to Stripe
Connecting an Easy Digital Downloads store to Stripe

Global support

Stripe is currently available in 32 countries with many more coming soon. For those operating in unsupported countries, the Stripe Atlas program is available to help establish a legal presence in the United States.

Stripe is also able to accept payments in 135+ different currencies, and provides support in 14 different languages24×7 phone and chat support in English is also available for all Stripe users.

Verified partner

In addition to Stripe being the preferred payment gateway for Easy Digital Downloads, we are also officially a Stripe verified partner. The Stripe partner program recognizes applications which meet their strict quality requirements and allows us to provide even better services to our customers.

Stripe Verified Partner

Learn more about Stripe and Easy Digital Downloads

Not sure yet if Stripe is the right choice for your business? We recommend contacting Stripe directly. Or, if you want to better understand how our integration with Stripe works and how it can be configured, take a look at our documentation. Lastly, if you still have unanswered questions, get in touch with us! We’re happy to help.

Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Addon


Version: 2.8.10

License: GPL

Updated: December 27, 2021


Fix: Corrected a possible race condition causing 'renewal' payments to be listed as 'complete'.
Fix: Attempting to add a new card, when the customer had never used Stripe as a payment method previously caused an error.
Fix: Improved Internet Explorer 11 support.
Fix: Corrected an error in the `edds_create_charge_args` compatibility filter.
Fix: Removed some references to Stripe Checkout in settings descriptions.

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