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WooCommerce Password Protected Categories (By Barn2 Media) 1.3.2

Analytify is a WordPress plugin which makes Google Analytics Simple enough that everyone can understand the Analytics under each posts/pages in WordPress.

Password protect your WooCommerce categories or make them private and completely hidden.

WooCommerce Password Protected Categories is the only plugin to lock down entire product categories in your WooCommerce store & make them private. It is an easy way to protect your WooCommerce product categories. Perfect for wholesale areas, client-specific products & more.

Create a private area for each client

Do you sell unique products for specific clients, and want each client to see only their products? With the WooCommerce hide categories plugin, you can create a password protected category for each client. The central login page will direct each customer to their hidden category.

Wholesale or members-only shop

With our wholesale plugin WooCommerce Password Protected Categories, you can create an area for trade clients or members. Your WooCommerce wholesale or members store will be accessible only to those with the password. No need to build a separate wholesale shop.

Do you want to protect your whole WooCommerce Store?

WooCommerce Password Protected Categories is perfect for protecting parts of your store or creating customer-specific products. To completely hide WooCommerce behind a simple password or user login, check out our WooCommerce Private Store plugin and make WooCommerce private.

Easy Password Protection

With this WooCommerce hide product plugin you can password protect one or more of your categories with a unique password (or passwords). Products in those categories are also protected.

Private Categories Option

Make shop categories completely private so they’re only visible to Administrators or Shop Managers (or other user roles).

Customer login page

Customers can login from a single page or sidebar. WooCommerce Password Protected Categories will direct the user to the relevant category, based on the password entered.

Hide from your public store

With our WooCommerce hide categories plugin, you can (optionally) hide your password-protected categories, and their products, so they can only be accessed if you have the direct link.

Hidden from navigation menus

Optionally hide password protected categories from your navigation menus and widgets. Private categories are always hidden.

Easy for customers to use

One major feature of our wholesale plugin for WooCommerce is once a customer enters a password, all products in that category are automatically unlocked – no need to enter it for each product!

WooCommerce Password Protected Categories



Version: 1.3.2

License: GPL

Updated: March 9, 2020


* New: User role and user account protection features. Product categories can now be protected by password, user role or user account, or a combination of all three. * New: Plugin renamed ‘WooCommerce Protected Categories’. * New: Updated plugin settings page, including new user protection options. * New: Prevent search engine indexing for protected categories (previously set only for private categories). * New: Prevent caching for protected and private categories when using cache plugins (e.g. WP Rocket). * New: Updated display of password login form to improve compatibility across different themes. * New: Category visibility in Products > Categories menu now shows ‘inherited’ status when parent category is protected. * Fix: Prevent accidental login to multiple categories when two or more categories share the same password. * Fix: Central password login page – prevent access to categories which have changed status from ‘protected’ to ‘public’ or ‘private’. * Fix: Products in two or more protected categories can now be unlocked by unlocking any one of its categories. * Fix: Ensure protected products are not purchasable from product tables in WooCommerce Product Table. * Tweak: Update HTML in woocommerce_template_loop_category_title to match WooCommerce. * Dev: Apply BEM CSS standards for password entry form and category visibility settings. * Dev: Tested up to WP 4.9.8 and WooCommerce 3.4.4. * Dev: Various new actions and filters. * Dev: Code restructure and improvements.

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