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Ultimate Member myCRED 2.2.2

The easiest way to create powerful online communities and beautiful user profiles with WordPress

Ultimate Member myCRED


With our myCRED extension, reward or charge your users for using Ultimate Member features and doing profile updates and show their rank and badges beautifully in their user profile.

myCRED is an adaptive points management system for WordPress powered websites, giving you full control on how points are gained, used, traded, managed, logged or presented.

Key Features

  • Reward users for updating profile photo
  • Reward users for updating profile
  • Reward users for signing up or logging to your site
  • Charge users for removing profile photo
  • Limit the number of rewards/charges on specific action
  • Credits and charges made via Ultimate Member are properly logged in myCRED
  • Allow specific user roles to send balance to other users from UM account page (Transfer points to other members)
  • Display user balance in their account page
  • Display user balance, badges, or rank on their profile
  • Display user progress bar beautifully on their profile
  • Show all myCRED badges in profile tab (optional)
Ultimate Member myCRED



Version: 2.2.2

License: GPL

Updated: January 3, 2022


* New: added ability to show user badges in Member directory
* Fixed: Profile Tabs

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