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PixelYourSite Super Pack 2.1.5

Manage your Facebook Pixel and add standard or custom events on any Wordpress site. Fully compatible with WooCommerce and Facebook Dynamic Ads.

The Super Pack consists of 5 add-ons that will add extra features to PixelYourSite Professional. You’ll get it as a FREE BONUS when you buy PixelYourSite Agency and Advanced licenses, or part of the Bundle deal.

Multiple pixels

Once you install the add-on, a new button will appear under the tracking ID fields, letting you add additional pixels. Each pixel will have the same settings and events as the main one. Manually added events will also be present for the extra pixels.

This option is very useful (and in high demand) if you have more than one pixel, if you have partners that want to have their own pixel on your site, or if you simply want to create a “backup” pixel.

Having an additional pixel it’s also a good idea if you plan to sell your business at some point.

WPML: fire pixels for a specific language. This feature works for the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and the Google Ads Tag.

PixelYourSite Super Pack



Version: 2.1.5

License: GPL

Updated: September 21, 2020

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