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MainWP Links Manager Extension 2.1

MainWP is a set of self-hosted open source plugins for maintaining all your WordPress sites from one location. Perfect for WP admins with multiple sites. MainWP is a suite of open source self-hosted WordPress Management plugins for users that have multiple WordPress sites and want to be able to control them from one central location. This includes sites on different hosts or servers.

Manage Links Across Your Network

The Links Manager is an extension built for the purpose of allowing you to easily control both external and internal links from within your posts and pages.

Is there a keyword that you want to link across your network? Just add it to your keyword list and select the sites you want that link to be on.

The Automatic Internal Linking feature allows cross-linking of posts based on the page title (Automatic Internal Linking is on a per-site basis and not network wide)

The created links can be stylized with custom CSS and cloaked so the linking page appears to be on the same site, while it creates a redirect to a new site.

Support for link redirection/link cloaking

The MainWP Links Manager extension enables you to use easy re-directions or cloak your links. You can specify a base permalink for redirection (default /goto/) and define the link for your keywords.

All Links are served and processed from your Child site so your Dashboard is not exposed.


  • Easily Create, Edit and Remove Links across your network
  • Track click statistics for each of your links
  • Easier Affiliate marketing – create affiliate marketing links with advanced options like link cloaking
  • Link Grouping for easy management

Automatically Interlink Your Blog Content

The MainWP Links Manager extension determines your keyword’s matching post names, page names or a custom list of keywords throughout your blog and auto links them to the related content. (Automatic Internal Linking is on a per-site basis and not network wide)

Improve Search Engine Ranking

The MainWP Links Manager automagically interlinks your original content to key pages a user (or crawler bot) might not find which may improve search engine rankings (using relevant anchor text as your links).

Link Style Customization

Apply custom CSS classes and style the content any way you like.

Detailed Graphs and Reports

Track your clicks with our custom stats, charts are also included for any client reports.

MainWP Links Manager Extension



Version: 2.1


License: GPL

Updated: October 5, 2019


* Updated: plugin info


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