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Give Recurring Donations 1.14.1

* New: Added support for Stripe’s new Checkout 2.0 for recurring donations. Now you can accept recurring payments that support Strong Customer Authentication, Google and Apple Pay, Credit Cards and more!

Increase Giving with Recurring Donations

Recurring donations are great for your organization because of their regularity. They are also better for the donor because they can make smaller, regular donations that fit better into their budget each month rather than one large lump sum.

But don’t just take our word for it. There are excellent studies that describe the benefits of recurring donations:

  • According to the Network for Good, the “average recurring donor gives 42% more per year than the average one-time donor.”
  • According to NonprofitHub, ActBlue almost doubled their donations by asking for recurring donations rather than one-time donations.
  • Network for Good noticed that Millennials are 52% more likely to give on a recurring basis rather than a larger one-time donation.

So now that you understand the impact recurring donations can have, how do you implement it?

Introducing Recurring Donations for Give

Accepting recurring donations has never been easier or more powerful. This Give Add-on allows you to create even more powerful donation forms with support for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions. You can also customize the number of times you would like to run the subscription, for example “Give $20 a Month for a Year”, or give the donor the choice whether or not make their donation recurring or one-time .

Recurring Donations is our premier add-on. See a live demo here

Flexible Recurring Options

Recurring Donations gives you several ways to configure subscriptions donations within your Give donation forms. For example, you may want to create a form that accepts donations every month for one year. This Add-on makes it easy! Simply create a new “Donor’s choice” recurring form, select “Monthly” as period, and “12” as the number times the subscription should run and you’ll get a form like this:

A familiar checkbox allows donors to easily opt-in to subscription giving
A familiar checkbox allows donors to easily opt-in to subscription giving

The form above uses a checkbox to easily provide the donor the option to make a subscription or one-time donation with one easy click. Of course, you can also provide additional recurring options

Want to provide your donors with more flexibility? No problem, you can allow donor’s to choose their own subscription frequency as well:

Donors can choose whether to make a donation recurring and also select the giving frequency.
Donors can choose whether to make a donation recurring and also select the giving frequency.

Powerful Multi-level Recurring Options

Built into the plugin is the ability to select which of your donations levels is recurring, and which isn’t. You can even specify various times and periods per level!

The result is truly powerful subscription donation forms with recurring and non-recurring levels:

A Multilevel Recurring Donation Form
A “Multilevel” Recurring Donation Form

Using the example above, the donor has the choice to donate monthly for 12 months at various amounts. They can also specify a custom amount to Give as well.

Custom Subscription Reporting

Reporting is essential to understanding how well your Cause is raising donations. With Recurring Donations you can see exactly how much you’re bringing in for recurring revenue with the Subscription Revenue report:

Subscription Donations Report
Subscription Donations Report

Subscription Syncing

You can sync your Give subscription history with your payment gateway with one click.

Sync your subscription with Give Recurring 1.3
Sync your subscription with Give Recurring 1.3

Custom Recurring Emails

We know it’s important to keep your donors informed of the donations they are making. With Recurring Donations you can automatically send your donors an email receipt that their card was charged for a recurring payment, and another email when their subscription is expired ††.

The Subscription Payment Receipt email option
The “Subscription Donation Receipt” email option

Thoroughly Documented and Supported

When you purchase a Give Add-on, you have our team behind you to ensure you get up and running quickly and to answer any questions you may have. Recurring Donations is our most popular Add-on and we’re continually working to improve the plugin with additional gateways, code optimizations and enhancements, documentation and video. Support is US-based and via private email correspondence. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t 100% enjoy this Add-on.

Top Notch US-based Support from WordPress Developers
Top Notch US-based Support from Real WordPress Developers

Currently Supported Gateways:

We’re working to continually add more supported gateways to the Recurring Add-on.


 – The support for billing times and periods varies per gateway. See here for details.

†† – Subscription reminder emails will be added in the near future.

Give Recurring Donations



Version: 1.14.1

License: GPL

Updated: January 14, 2022


* Fix: Resolved an issue with Quarterly payments incorrectly billing as Monthly for the PayPal Payflow gateway.

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