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EventON Events Lists Extended Addon 0.21

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Events Lists Extended

Kick the EventON Event List to the next level with our Event Lists Ext. addon.


Using the Event Lists Ext. addon allows you to sort items on your calendar’s events list. For example, sort them to show the next 5 events regardless of month, all past events, or all upcoming events.

Past Events

The Event Lists Ext. addon allows you to show only past events as an event list.

Upcoming Events

Just like with past events, sort upcoming events to show any number of upcoming events.

Cut-off Time

Override the current EventON settings, to have a cut-off time for past events. Achieve this by configuring when you want the cut-off time to separate past events from present events on the list.

Sort & Filter the List

Conveniently allow visitors to sort and filter the events on their list based on their needs.

Separated by Months

Events lists generated from this addon can be separated by months to give an easier segregation between events.

Continuous Events

Additionally show a continuous events list, regardless of the month, if you choose.

Custom Date Range List

Create event lists with custom start and end date to show an event list of dates from your choice.


EventON Events Lists Extended Addon



Version: 0.21

License: GPL

Updated: January 3, 2021


ADDED: ux_val support for shortcode generator for event lists ext.
ADDED: date range based calendar to support today and rightnow
FIXED: shortcode atts passing array declaration
FIXED: Event order not recognized

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