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Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro 5.11.4

ACF PRO includes extra fields & features to better develop websites including repeatable fields, page building tools, media galleries, custom options pages and more.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro

ACF PRO is available in both a personal and developer license.

Both licenses offer the awesome features mentioned above and the only difference between them is the number of installations that can receive updates.

Supercharge your website with powerful functionality!

ACF PRO includes extra fields & features to better develop websites including repeatable blocks, page building layouts, intuitive galleries, custom settings pages and reusable fields!

The Repeater Field

The repeater field allows you to create a set of subfields which can be repeated again and again whilst editing content! Any type of field can be added as a subfield which allows you to create and manage very customized data with ease!

The Gallery Field

The gallery field provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing a collection of images. Multiple images can be added, edited and sorted with ease!

The Flexible Content Field

The flexible content field is a complete content layout manager! Define groups of subfields (layouts) and add, edit, and re-order them to create highly customized content!

Clone field

The clone field allows you to select and display existing fields. It does not duplicate any field’s in the DB, instead, it loads and displays the selected fields at run-time!

Options Pages

The options page provides a set of functions to add extra admin pages to edit ACF fields! All data saved on an options page is global and can be displayed on any page throughout the website (good for header and footer data)!

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro Features :

  • Smarter field settings
  • Swapped XML for JSON
  • Better Gallery Field
  • And more…

Download Now Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro. You’ll receive the exact .zip file you would download from the original author.


Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro


Version: 5.11.4

License: GPL

Updated: January 11, 2022


* New - Added more data to Google Maps field value including place_id, street_name, country and more.
* Fix - Fixed bug in Gallery field incorrectly displaying .pdf attachments as icons.
* Fix - Fixed bug in Checkbox field missing "selected" class after "Toggle All".
* Dev - Added compatibility for Attachments in the Post Taxonomy location rule.
* Dev - Added missing return statement from `acf_get_form()` function.
* Dev - Added "google_map_result" JS filter.

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